I See Taiwan

I See Taiwan

Taiwan was born under the geological courtship as the Philippine Plate went to the east and the Eurasian Plate moved to the west. The vigorous crustal movement shaped Taiwan into a mountainous island with the precipitous territory and torrential streams.
The story starts from the highest mountain in Taiwan, that is Yu Shan (Mount Jade). It’s a sacred mountain in Ch’ing Dynasty Han legend. A blanket of snow lay on one stone of Yushan main Peak. At the dawn, sun rises from the east, one drop of melting snow brings blessings flows along Alishan, Chenyulan River (indigenous name called “”Kunhukan””), Sun Moon Lake, Shuili Township, Zhuoshui River. These are the mainstem of Taiwan river.
By tracing where the drop of water goes to shapes this documentary’s outline. Absorbing fusion culture and nature essence, Taiwan ‘s value deserve seeing.
Let’s embark on the journey to discover the charm of Taiwan!

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