Past Record

  • 2021- Development of our own payment system
  • 2021- IPs Development of 2 drama series “春風永樂町” “月芽郊”and 1 documentary “看見真台灣”
  • 2021- Localization of kids animation and movie
  • 2021- Marketing case: painting exhibition of famous celebrity “Fong-Hua Chiu”
  • 2020- Finalist of ATF Chinese Pitch Best Screenplay “月芽郊A Cup of Spring Breeze”
  • 2020- Marketing project of TV drama “Girl’s Power女兵日記”, hit over 2M online views
  • 2020- Development of our own content distribution system
  • 2019- Cultural seminar between China and Taiwan media
  • 2019- Agency case: Facebook Live Interview with fashion designer “Ying-Yi, Liao”